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We provide best services for African students interested in furthering their educational goals and ambitions in Foreign Schools or Universities. We also provide all the necessary help that students need; from assisting with school applications and admissions to visa processing, ticket booking, and even ensuring the safe arrival of students at their new school in their desired country. Our desire is simply to see that our clients are happy and over the years, we have come to rely on a unique value system that has shaped our culture. We hold ourselves true to this value system and it has set us apart from our competitors.

Visa Processing

We help our clients with visa documentation and processing; guiding them to apply correctly and increase their chances for an approval.

Speedy Admission Process

Finding the right school is an important step to getting accepted. We work with a wide range of foreign universities and leverage it to our clients’ advantage.

Language Classes

We offer language classes in Russian, German, French, Chinese e.t.c


Tejurolex Global is an international education consultancy agency that has been recruiting students from all over the world into universities.

We provide overseas students with higher education opportunities across the world. We share details of suitable courses available at a wide range of quality universities and study institutions.

Work History

Tejurolex Global has a long and successful history of recruiting quality international students to the world’s top universities, Tejurolex global has remained a competitive, ambitious and forward thinking education consultant and we are extremely proud of our company profile and achievements to date.

Tejurolex global is today the voice and trust of most of the students and we care for the future based on our quality oriented practices, knowledge and education. We at Tejurolex global do understand students’ needs and striving for their better future.

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