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International Nurses and Doctors in the UK has made a valuable contribution in the NHS and other healthcare institutions over recent years. Relocating to the UK to work as a doctor or nurse with Tejurolex Global offers an enormous opportunity for you, your career and your family.

We use our experience in relocating medical professionals to the UK, to support you every step by providing the right support both during the process and afterwards. We build and maintain strong relationships with our candidates and clients. We recruit for all medical roles from paramedics to mental health nurses and surgeons; for dietitian jobs to paediatric nurses, and offer unparalleled access to careers in the NHS and private hospitals throughout the UK.

We have seen enormous success in recruiting Nurses from Africa and Asia.
You can be confident that by choosing Tejurolex Global as your recruitment agency, you’re making the right choice. For all our international candidates relocating to the UK we:
– Take the time to find the perfect role in the right hospital that suits you and your family
– Manage the medical registration process on your behalf
– Will manage the visa application process
We will provide constant assistance with arranging and facilitating overseas recruitment events, with face-to-face or Skype interviews

International Nurses
Overseas Nurse Recruitment: International Nurse
. The scarcity of qualified nurses in the UK gives us the opportunity to present to you the best nursing ability from around the globe. Join our International Nurses !!

What are the requirements for getting a job for International Nurse?

• Nurses from outside the EU are required to have a minimum of 12 months experience to be able to work in the UK
• Priority is given to countries with qualifications transferable to the UK. In other cases, they will need to take UK exams to ensure their knowledge is transferable
• All international candidates will need to have passed the IELTS UKVI or OET English language exams click here to register for your language exams

Tejurolex Global
• We will share reports with you throughout to show which stage in the process each nurse is at so we can accurately project their arrival
• Our mobilisation officer works closely with our candidates, offering support and advice about their future

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