Russian Pathway

The admission process for Russia is opened a whole year.There is an option to study in English or Russian language. Studying in Russian language is much cheaper.

To apply for a school in Russia, all we require are WAEC or NECO.Once we apply, within 24-48 hours, you get a response.

As soon as the admission letter is out, you will be required to pay a invitation fee of Five hundred dollars ($500) for the invitation fee. Invitation letter is a lettter that will be issue to the candidate a month after admission , it means the candidate has been registered with the Russian education ministry. We will receive an invitation letter within a week of payment. Afterwards we will apply for visa, then book a flight. All these process should be completed within 3months.

If the student should arrive after the resumption, the student will have to do a preparatory class for Six months and will have to pay the fees.For every process the parent will be informed. We advice the parents to stay alert, once the process is on.

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