German Pathway

In Germany there is little or no racism compare to the other part of Europe. There are huge job opportunities after graduation, low living expenses and permanent residency after studies. A great advantage is that you can live in other European Countries without change of status and if you decide to relocate, you are relocating as a German citizen that is after you have acquired the citizenship. Studying German Language in Germany requires about 8-10 Million Naira, but am glad to inform that you can study German here in Nigeria at an affordable fee in a conducive environment with boarding facilities (Optional). German Language is divided into six modules. However, A1, A2 and B1 are the requirements for direct entry into the universities in Germany. Every module is broken down into Listening (Horen), Writing (Schreiben), Speaking (Sprechen) and Reading (Lesen). Each module cost One Hundred Thousand Naira (#100,000). Each module is taught for the maximum of two months, in which students are tested after each module. At the end of the module the student will do a general evaluation test to qualify him/her for the main exam. After the exam the student gets a certificate Our German School is located at Egbeda Lagos. The language program cost three hundred thousand naira (#300,000). The classes are three times a week. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. After getting the certificate we can then begin to apply for the admission into the school with your desired course. Once we receive the admission letter then we have to open a block account ( this is compulsory, as it for the upkeep of the student for a year but you can bypass this if you have a sponsor from Germany ). Afterwards we do a booking for a visa interview, then once we get the visa , we commence BG booking the flight. Once all these are done the students will be on their way to Germany. We also process admission to English medium masters in Germany