Canadian Pathway

Study in Canada

Canada is a great place to live and the Student gets an automatic work permit whenever the student visa is issued which makes it a great place to work and study. Studying in Canada is a great pathway opportunity with regards to working and living in Canada after the Education process is complete, with the possibility of processing a Permanent Residency permit if the student desires and also the Canadian Dollars are way lower than the American Dollars which are a rate of between 250-255 Naira to the Canadian Dollar.

To apply for admission, we’ll need;

The SS1-SS3 Transcript from High School. This is usually done by request by the Parent to the School Principal or Counsellor.
Full name of Student and Date of Birth- Passport data page is needed.
Full name of Dad/Mum and Dates of Birth
Residential Address
Phone Numbers of Parents
Previous School(s) attended with dates
Parent Phone numbers and Email address.

But in other to get into the top universities in Canada, pre-university program is required. This is usually takes 8-10 months. The prices run from 28,000 CAD – 60,000 CAD.After the Pre-University program, there is an automatic admission into a University of choice (anywhere in the world) to study a course of choice through Canadian Diploma called Dogwood or Ontario Diplomas depending on the schools you decide to take the the pre-university programs.

Note: The Pre-University program is usually done to bridge the differences in the Nigerian and Canadian academic curriculum and also to prepare students for the Canadian University system of Education.

A good Guardianship and Custodianship arrangement whereby students are placed in the care of Guardians that will ensure their safety and wellbeing at all times.There is also a ‘Locomotive Software’ that parents can put on their computers that will help them track/monitor the activities of their children everyday
Parents can monitor and have access to the children’s academic and general report anytime and from anywhere in the world.
There are good facilities to prepare the students and they ensure 100 percent placement in the university.
.After the Pre-U, the students usually have a 100 percent admission placement possibility into any university of choice.
These are possible because these are the guidelines we watch out for when choosing the schools for the pre-university programs. We concerned with the safety and best educational background for your children

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